I am a freelancing software developer specialized in machine learning. Machine learning is a scientific discipline that studies how to learn models from data.

The Problem

Vast amounts of data are stored every day. Way more than we can make sense of or even use in a spreadsheet. Moreover, the data typically consists of a few to thousands of variables making the relationship between variables and output way too complicated for a human to comprehend, even for a subset of the data. This is the problem machine learning aims to solve. It turns your data into insights and/or intelligent decision systems. A more thorough introduction can be found on wikipedia.

The Solution

If you have one you probably have several use cases in your company where machine learning can be used. Because of this, I think it would be very beneficial if managers and developers alike would have a basic awareness of how machine learning can be utilized. In this way business opportunities can be found from inside your company or client's company.

How I can be of Service

On a higher level I work as a bridge between academia and industry to make machine learning concepts easier to adopt. I can be involved in a part of or the whole development cycle from finding business opportunity, selecting a appropriate algorithm, adaptation of algorithm, choosing framework/roll your own, educate the team, various related research tasks and integration. More practically that is done with lectures, workshops and consulting. Please follow the links for more information. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.